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Learn How You Can Maximize Storage and Organization In Your Garage!

Is your garage cluttered and lacking any form of structure or organization? Are you overwhelmed with the space and unsure of the best way to transform your garage? Garage Cabinets Grand Rapids has provided clients in the greater Michigan area with storage and organization solutions for years! Our team of professional installers has all of the experience and knowledge needed to refresh the space and present a flawless final product. Adding one of our different options for storage and organization is one of the best ways to protect your important items and free up valuable floor space.

With all of the harsh weather during the winter season in Grand Rapids, it’s important your garage space is functional and meets all of your different needs. The space can be used for many different tasks such as parking vehicles, storing important items, and completing craft projects. Don’t let your space become cluttered and overwhelming, contact for help with organizers and added storage options today.

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    Garage Organizers Grand Rapids

    Garage Organizers and Storage

    Learn more about the different options for storage and organization we offer!

    Choosing one of our various options for garage organizers is one of the best ways to ensure the space is functional and accessible. We offer a variety of different types of storage and organization solutions for residential and commercial garages, each with its own unique set of properties and benefits. Read below to learn more about the different types of installations we offer.

    Overhead Storage

    If your garage space is cramped with important items that need to be stored away and protected from the elements, consider an overhead storage unit for your space. These systems are made from durable steel and are typically suspended from the ceiling of your garage. This ensures that you are still able to open your garage doors and park your vehicles with no obstructions. The materials are guaranteed to hold large amounts of weight and come in a variety of heights depending on your specific needs. Our overhead shelves have a modular design, meaning you can install several in the same room.

    Steel Wall Shelves

    Our steel wall shelves are designed to help maximize your garage floor space by creating multiple layers of storage under one of our steel shelves. We use only the highest quality of steel material to guarantee longevity and in some options, our shelves can hold over 250 pounds. These incredibly strong and durable shelves are great for both residential and commercial garages that need to maximize storage space and provide multiple options for different-sized items. Our steel wall shelves are available in a variety of different colors and sizes to help meet your specific garage needs.

    Slatwall and Accessories

    Our Slatwall storage systems are a great option for residential and commercial garages that want to increase storage space in their space. These wall storage units are crafted from some of the strongest and most durable materials available in the Grand Rapids area, so you can be sure your items will be safe to hang from the Slatwall. We offer these units in a variety of different colors and finishes, as well as sizes and styles to help ensure we have an option to meet your specific needs. Our team is also proud to offer various accessories for our installations like bags and hooks for additional storage or resistance.

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    Garage Organizers For Storage

    There are countless benefits to increasing the storage space in your garage!

    Improve Accessibility

    When your garage is cluttered and is functioning as a space for many different tasks, it can end up being a room you avoid due to the overall accessibility. A garage that is filled with items that need to be stored, parked vehicles, lawn care accessories, and seasonal items can feel claustrophobic and just overwhelming as a whole. When you select one of our garage organizer options to help free up space and increase storage space, it helps to increase the accessibility of the room and create a garage that is bright and inviting. It can also help to make the space safer for your loved ones to spend time in with no obstacles in the walkway or floor area.

    Clear Floor Space

    If your garage is lacking in shelves and storage options, a lot of your important items may be taking up space on the floor or up against walls. Not only is this an eyesore for the aesthetic of the space, but it can also lead to a cluttered room that is difficult to navigate and spend time in. Adding one of our organizers like steel shelves or overhead units can help to free up floor space and add additional square footage to park your vehicles or just to enjoy spending time in your garage. A clear floor means there is less of a risk for accidental trips and injuries and less risk of damage to your sentimental items being stored in the space.

    Protect Important Items

    If you do not have an attic or basement at your home, you may utilize your garage as an area for storing important or sentimental items. While the garage is a great place to store special items thanks to the protection from outside elements, it can start to affect the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space. If you use large storage bins or buckets, it can take up a lot of floor space and can become an obstruction for foot traffic. Choosing an option like one of our steel wall shelves or overhead units allows you to store your important items up off of the floor and out of harm’s way.

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    The team of professionals here at Garage Cabinets Grand Rapids have years of experience in the industry and strive to provide trustworthy service to all of our clients in the Michigan area! Our company is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind, and we are happy to provide a labor warranty on some of our services. We want the entire process to be quick and hassle-free for you, which is why we are happy to provide free estimates on our installation services to both our new and returning customers. Garage Cabinets Grand Rapids works with only top-rated manufacturers in the area to help ensure all of our materials are of the highest quality and will function like new for years to come. Are you ready to transform your garage space from cluttered to sleek and organized? Call or email us today and receive a free quote on our garage organizers.