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    When it comes to choosing a contractor to install cabinets in your garage, you don’t want someone to pick a pair off the shelf and screw them in. Even in homes that are massed produced, the dimensions are never the same, you need someone to come in a build a custom setup for your garage and that is what our team specializes in!

    We will work with you to find the ideal setup from cabinet size, the number of cabinets and even custom colors to make sure you fall in love with your garage cabinets. Down below, we will tell you all about our services!

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    Customer Testimonials

    Our team strives to make every job the best one yet. With a knowledgeable and friendly staff, we have hundreds of satisfied customers, a few you can find down below!

    Garage Cabinets

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    Garage Cabinets In Grand Rapids

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    Our team strives to make every job the best one yet. With a knowledgeable and friendly staff, we have hundreds of satisfied customers.

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    From Design To Installation

    Our Team Does It All

    Why You Should Use Custom Garage Cabinets

    So why should you use custom cabinetry in the garage? Well, we have found that cabinets are one of the most efficient ways to keep things you don’t want other people or children to touch out of reach, especially with our integral locking systems. Not to mention, garage cabinets are an amazing way to keep hazardous materials like paints, thinners are sharp tools out of the general area of the garage, keeping your home safe!

    While the list of benefits that you stand to gain from using our cabinetry solutions will go on for miles, we have outlined a few of the best benefits down below:

    • Enhance Safety In The Garage
    • Increase the Resale Value Of Your Home
    • Make The Garage Look Amazing
    • Minimize Clutter & Maximize Organization
    • Keep Valuables Locked Away
    • Free Up Much Needed Space

    Custom Finishes

    Our team will never use cookie-cutter cabinets, we design, build and install our cabinets in house.

    5 Star & A+ Ratings


    We have decades of experience installing and building custom cabinetry for our neighbors in Grand Rapids.

    Strong Warranties

    We stand behind our work and to prove it, we offer a strong warranty on the labor and installation of our cabinetry.

    Certified Arizona Polymer

    Top Rated

    We are the top-rated garage cabinet installer in Grand Rapids with hundreds of satisfied customers and dozens of return clients!

    Who We Are

    Why You Should Use
    Garage Cabinets Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids authority in commercial and residential garage cabinetry

    You need someone that won’t only install your cabinets, you need a team that can come in and build you a custom set of cabinets for your needs, not someone else’s. We strive to Grand Rapids’ most innovative cabinetry company and we guarantee that you will see a more functional and safe garage as soon as we are done!

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    The Benefits Of Garage Cabinetry

    Our garage cabinets are 100% custom and suit your needs only!

    Besides the appearance of the garage cabinets, what are the benefits of having them installed? While we have covered a few of the benefits up above, we are going to be taking a closer look into some of the benefits that you stand to gain from having us build you a custom set of cabinets!

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    Increased Storage Capabilities

    One of the biggest problems that any garage faces is clutter. Whether you are just moving into a home or just storing things you don’t want to keep in the house, the clutter of the garage can be unsafe and even decrease the curb appeal of your home.
    Our cabinets can help keep the garage uncluttered and unsafe materials out of harm’s reach. Down below, you will find a few of the objects that can be stored in our cabinets:


    Increase Home Value

    One of the biggest benefits that you stand to gain from using our custom garage cabinets is the fact that they can increase the resale value of your home. This is based on the quality of the cabinets, the layout, design, and the type of cabinets they are.

    This being said, the cabinets in the garage should be built to be useful to anyone if you are looking to sell as value scales with the practicality of the cabinets installed. While there are cheaper options on the market for cabinetry, cheaper options can even take value away from your home.

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    Materials We Offer

    Any Material For Your Style And Your Needs

    We offer materials that are both functional and practical depending on the things you store in them and what they will be exposed to in your garage. For example, plastic can be fine for the average homeowner but an enthusiast or mechanic may want to invest in a metal cabinet. Down below, you will see what all our options have to offer.

    A Few Popular Options From Clients In Grand Rapids


    One of the biggest selling points of wooden garage cabinets is the fact that they require minimal effort to give off a custom appearance. Wood is one of the longest-lasting materials as well when they are properly taken care of and sealed every couple of years, making them almost as cost-effective as plastic cabinetry. Wooden cabinetry is also flexible as there are bountiful types of wood that can be used like particleboard, MDF and plywood.


    Metal is one of the most popular materials for cabinets between craftsmen, mechanics, and hobbyists due to their ability to withstand high weights and sustain high amounts of damage without the need for high maintenance. Metal cabinets are also able to withstand high amounts of heat, moisture and chemical exposure with little to no consequence. Metal cabinets also have a long lifespan as they can last decades with minimal maintenance.


    One of the biggest benefits of choosing a plastic garage cabinet set is their pricing point bu, they offer much more than simply the best pricing. Plastic is a material that is resistant to corrosion, water, and rust, helping them keep a like-new appearance for their entire lifespan, which can be as long as metal cabinets when used lightly. But in the off chance a plastic cabinet gets damaged, replacement cost is extremely low.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Where Are The Cabinets Built?

    We build our custom garage cabinets in our warehouse with state of the art computer-controlled routers and the precision hand of our trained and experienced staff. After the cabinets are built, our installation team takes the cabinets directly to your home for installation. We stand behind the quality of our cabinets which is why we offer a strong warranty on every cabinet that leaves our warehouse.

    How Are Garage Cabinets Installed?

    Our team of garage cabinet contractors installs the cabinets using 3-inch long steel screws that are placed into the studs of the garage walls. We know that our clients like to keep a clean garage so we suspend our cabinets about 6 inches off the ground, making accessing the cabinets easier and allowing for easy maintenance of the garage floor underneath. But for larger metal cabinets, we will place the cabinet on the floor.

    How Large Are The Cabinets?

    Here at Garage Cabinets Grand Rapids, we offer top of the line, custom-built cabinetry that has one purpose, to serve you and your needs. This is why we offer custom sizes for or cabinets from the standard range to even larger cabinets like our 8 ft tall, 4 ft wide and 2 ft deep cabinets, which are our most popular. But if you need something larger or even smaller, our team is here to help!

    Are There Weight Limitations?

    While our cabinets are superiorly crafted using only high-grade materials and trained contractors with decades of experience, there are still weight limitations that our cabinets face. Our cabinets are capable of holding up to 100 pounds per shelf when weight is evenly distributed, making them some of the strongest cabinets that Grand Rapids has to offer! So act fast, contact us today to see what we can do for you