How long does it take to install garage cabinets?

Your cabinets are built prior to installation based on the design you chose to best suit your needs. We manage every phase of production to ensure the highest quality product. Our team delivers the cabinets to your home and install them in your garage. They will then install all the necessary doors and shelves. Once everything is all set, we’ll clean your cabinets to finish up the process. While the process itself is contingent on your schedule, a standard installation will be completed within one day. Your garage cabinets are ready to use immediately after installation.

What sizes of garage cabinets do you offer?

Our company typically provides standard size garage cabinets, we also work with custom sizes in order to provide a design that is unique to your garage and will expertly match your needs and style. Our garage cabinets can be made extra deep to accommodate additional storage space when necessary as well.

How much do custom garage cabinets cost?

The price of our custom garage cabinets depends on your choices and the size of your garage. There are many factors to take into consideration, including the square footage your cabinetry will cover, your desired finish, the size of the cabinets. Our expert design specialists are happy to visit your home, share samples, and provide you with a free, no-obligation design estimate to help you make a decision.

Do your cabinets come with a warranty?

Absolutely! All of our garage cabinets come with a lifetime warranty on wood components. This means that if your cabinet breaks at any time from normal wear and tear, we will replace it free of charge. We are always proud to stand behind our work.

Do you offer real wood finishes for your garages?

Our company does offer real wood finishes for your garage cabinets. If you unquestionably want to have the appearance and texture of real wood, all of our systems can be made in a wood veneer and finished to your liking. Real wood is usually a plywood core with a wood veneer coating.

How do you ensure that my garage cabinets are secure?

Due to the way they are constructed and our method of installation, Our industry-leading garage cabinets are some of the strongest and most secure on the market. The garage cabinets we install are durable and long-lasting. We secure them directly to the studs in your garage’s wall to ensure they are stable and secure.

Why are my garage cabinets suspended above the floor?

The cabinets are suspended above the floor to allow for ease in cleaning your garage floor. You can quickly hose out the garage without the worry of getting your cabinets wet. Not to mention, it gives bugs and mice no place to hide as well. A top-quality garage cabinet is wall hung with no legs or toe kicks required for support.

How much weight can my garage cabinets hold?

Our sturdy, durable garage cabinets can hold up to 100 pounds per shelf if evenly distributed. You can hold all the items you need to be stored in our superior cabinetry. Never worry about a collapse, as we ensure that they are securely in place and properly put together.

I have several electrical wall outlets along my walls – How will you keep these electrical outlets accessible?

From the start of your garage cabinet installation, our installers will make openings for any electrical outlets, power junction boxes, or other wall-mounted features inside any garage cabinets being placed over those areas. The openings will be specific to the needs of the garage wall space and will not degrade the integrity of the cabinet. Our trusted professionals will also make cuts within pegboard and garage cabinet workbench splashes for outlet access as well. Our team of experts will also drill grommet holes and provide grommet hole covers to not only allow access for extension cord use but also uphold the uniform look of the cabinet set.

Can garage cabinets be installed onto concrete walls or walls with steel studs?

Ordinarily, garage cabinets are installed on drywall over standard wood frame construction. If your garage has concrete walls or walls with steel studs, the installation will require additional hardware to ensure they are installed properly. If that’s the case, our team of skilled professionals will adjust the installation process as necessary to suit your personal needs.